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Rite aid: My 6/3 match ups


It Is a very feminine week at rite aid this week. Lots of female products are on sale or free with coupons! :)

This week the Nair products are buy one get one free. I just so happened to pick up a few 3.00/2 peels a couple of months ago. They work perfectly for this deal! (I have also seen on other sites a link to print this exact coupon… Keep your eyes open)
At rite aid, you also receive a 2.00 up reward when you purchase 2 Nair items.. So your getting one free and your getting 2.00 off of the one you have to pay for.
If you use the coupon and purchase the 4.99 nair products.. You will end up receiving 2 for free after your up rewards.

4.99 for 2 Nair products- 2.00 up reward- 3.00 mfr coupon= 2 free :)

This week rite aid also has clairol hair color on sale. It is usually 7.99 but rite aid has a 2.00 coupon In Their weekly ad (located at the front of the store). There is also a 3.00 up reward offered when you purchase the hair color. There was a 3.00/1 coupon that came out this past Sunday, so if you got a copy of the paper this week you can go and pick you up box of free hair color! :)

7.99-2.00 in store coupon-3.00 up reward- 3.00 mfr coupon= free box of hair color!


This week nature made vitamins are on a BOGO sale! I’ve still got a few video values coupons from Last month so I will be using these for this sale. We also received nature made vitamins mfr coupons in the Sunday paper yesterday! Whooooop!
I haven’t been to rite aid to find out the actual total yet but 9.00 off on a BOGO sale is awesome! Unfortunately you can only get the good coupon deals on fish oil and vitamin d (because of the video values coupons) but the entire stock of vitamins are on sale, and the paper came with quite the combo of coupons for vitamins.


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